I Need Help with How My Site Works

This usually involves one of two categories(or both):


  • SEO (low searchability)
  • Optimization (high page load time, high bounce rate)
  • Plugins are broken or are breaking the site
  • Your code has become spaghetti from being passed around between developers so much


Security & Maintenance

Did you know that keeping your WordPress installation, theme, and plugins up to date is the best thing to keep your site secure?

When you join up for our monthly WordPress maintenance plan, you’ll feel secure knowing that your site is online, working as it should, backed-up and ready to thwart evil-doers.

The Snooze Peacefully Plan includes:

  • Update your WordPress installation(if necessary), theme, and plugins (as required)
  • Scan your site for malware and broken links
  • Remove spam, spam comments, unneeded post revisions and more
  • Optimize your database & finely-tune the performance of your site
  • Backup your full site (database, files, settings…everything.)
  • Restore your site from backup in case of an emergency
  • Report each month’s maintenance activity in detail
  • Around the clock monitoring


Cost: Only $50/month (most sites)

Automatically invoiced at the beginning of each month for your convenience.

Snooze peacefully.

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