I Need Help with How My Site Looks

Here’s the scenario:

You do a search for WordPress themes, and find some reputable themes shops and theme authors on Envato. You find one that looks AWESOME in the demo, and you can just picture it with your logo, name, content, colors and things that will turn the demo into your own world-class website that looks and functions beautifully.

You sign up, buy it, and excitedly download it and navigate to the documentation and administration panel of WordPress and suddenly realize you’re in over your head. What now?

This is where I get many calls, and are more than happy to not only toss a life preserver, but proceed to turn your original vision into a reality.

No matter the theme you’re sporting — Genesis, something from Themeforest or Envato, WooThemes, Elegant Themes, a Free theme, or any other theme, I can set your ship up ready to sail, and can even pilot it (Too much with the boating imagery?)

web design POP has experience with all the major theme shops, as well as many of their proprietary theme plugins, and I especially enjoy working with Genesis.

ships wheel