Digital Marketing

I do a lot of web design and development work because I enjoy it so much. It’s why I named my little company “web design POP.”

But it’s only a factor of what I do best: marketing. Specifically, data-driven, sophisticated strategies that are actually workable, and deliver measurable results.

I have an MBA with a concentration in marketing strategy and have helped countless small and medium-sized businesses grow revenues dramatically, while also leveraging opportunities to reduce costs.  It’s in that way that I literally pay for myselfYou’ll be hard-pressed to find my qualifications in the web design and development industry. I speak business in addition to design and code, and I speak it fluently and eloquently.

In addition, I specialize in marketing writing. An English degree and working for years as an editor helps, but years of persuasive, insightful, concise copywriting becomes evident with the results you’ll immediately see. I communicate your company’s personality while simply explaining your value proposition.

If you’re into marketing yourself, I run a facebook page and website dedicated to digital marketing tips, articles, idea, tools, and so on